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Hi everyone:) hope you all have been having a wonderful week so far. It’s been hectic lately with adjusting to this lifestyle of ours but hey it’s worth or at least it will be at the end of this all.

Today, we have some tidbits and thrifty finds to share with you all. These are useful things that will come in handy when adventuring the outdoors.

Camping and hiking is really all we did when we first starting dating except it was always in state parks except for one of the times, which is a funny story in itself. Long story short, we went with a group of friends and when Spiffy steps out of the tent in the middle the night he thought he saw a bear and got everyone frightened out of  a dead sleep, only to find out it was our friend from a distance who had woken up herself. Needles to say we did not spot a bear and still have yet to. Anyways back to before, you’re probably thinking that’s a whole lot different way of camping than what we’re now doing…While that is the case, we did significant searching around for what we may need before jumping into things.

When it comes to camping…

It is crucial to have at least some kind of basic gear that suits your wants and needs. For us, we went to various stores to get ideas on what we may need. You have no clue all the things you’ll need until your out in the middle of the woods saying  things like “I can’t do this without ___.” or “That ___ would come in handy right about now.” So it’s safe to say that it’s a very good idea to perhaps make a list of needs and scout out stores online as well as around you.

first off, there are two different types of camping. There is “car camping” as I like to call it which is when you can take your car right to the campsite. It’s a bit like glamping but not.  This is basic camping that a majority of people prefer as well as beginners. You can find many “car camping” at state parks. Here, other campers surrounding you giving you the feel of civilization while being in somewhat in the woods. You’ll have amenities such as electrical and water hook-up, and bathrooms.

You then have Backpacking. The meaning is in the name itself, you have to trek up distance to a campsite with all your gear on your back while hiking, requiring more physical excursion than car camping. This brings you more options being this would be considered primitive or should I say disperse camping. This is ideal for those who do not need electrical/water hook-up. Often times this will be in a remote location but provide many more options when choosing this route. This type of camping is allowed just about anywhere in the national forests and most state forest such as Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains.

While you may think camping is a lot of work which don’t get me wrong, it is for the most part, it’s a lot of fun just with lots of preparation.  In this day and age with all the technology surrounding us, I think it’s a must.  There’s no better way of unplugging when you physically cannot plug into anything.  You’ll be amazed how easily you can go without and not even notice.

So let’s get started, here are items we have so far some of which you may need:

 2010 2-person Dome Tent by Quest                                                                                                    A tent is a must for most people like ourselves. Here is the one we lucky already had from doing much camping a few years back. Here is the oIMG_0379_Snapseedne we have:


While this exact tent is no longer carried in stores, you can find similar ones online. Few good brands are The North Face, Ozark, and REI


img_8679_Snapseed.jpgTherm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow  
The great thing about this pillow is that is a lightweight packable pillow that you can easily store away. It self inflates. We found these at REI when we were shopping around for other items.

253483_15882_L_SnapseedCompressible-Pillow-outdoor-1worlds-de_Snapseed         You can find it here:

Ozark Sleeping bags                                                                                                                         When it comes to sleeping bags, it is important to know that there are two different kinds to buy. You have warm weather and cool weather sleeping bags. As you probably already guessed, the cool weather sleeping bags are for winter weather which are known to be heavy cotton weight and are typically categorized to resist temperatures of +10 degrees and lower. Meanwhile, warm weather sleeping bags are lightweight and breathable with the temperatures typically able to withstand +35 and higher. So just be sure to look at the label before purchasing one. The last thing you want is to be shivering cold in the middle of nowhere all because you got the wrong one.

Now we did get two different kinds. Spiffy got a cool weather sleeping bag well because we were still experiencing cold temperatures at the time we started while I on the other hand got a warm weather because I new things were going to start heating up right around the corner. The brand we bought was Ozark.

Let's be adventurousCamping in a tent                                                    You can buy these at Walmart and Endure Outdoors. However is you want one of better quality, Western Mountaineering  has excellent other quality brands.



Above is mine (Sweets) and yes that’s me hiding inside the sleeping bag ;P

To the right is Spiffy’s camo cold weather sleeping bag.



MagLite                                                                     We bought a 4 D-battery incandescent aluminum flashlight which does the job. It has the added bonus of featuring the long handle because it’s great for acting as a weapon as well. You can find this kind here


Or  you can make your own light by using your a small flashlight or even the flash light on your phone and rest it onto of a baby wipes box as pictured below and wallah you’ve got your own diy lamp:)




Survival Knife

This is such a valuable tool to have on hand, it’s a great for multi-use not to mention,  having it as a shield of protection at night is also reassuring. images_Snapseed.jpg


You can find a similar one here:




If any of you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us by email or by using the comment box below. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!



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  1. Nemorino says:

    Good advice.

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    1. Thank you! Do you ever go camping?


      1. Nemorino says:

        Not any more, but I used to.

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        1. That’s cool. So you understand the greatness of getting out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and taking time appreciating the simple things in life? 🙂

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  2. bexoxo says:

    You can also do that flashlight trick with a head lamp and a gallon of water. 🙂 Great post!

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    1. So happy you liked our post:) Absolutely right. I’ had seen that on Pinterest but we decided to use what was at our disposal rather than purchase what we could easily do without

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  3. lisakunk says:

    All good concise, clear information.

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    1. Glad you stopped by🙂

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