A typical Day

I’m sure you’re wondering by now what it is we do exactly during the day when we’re not in our tent snoozing away or firing up a storm cooking. Well we in fact make our own online revenue, it isn’t much at the moment but it’s just enough to get by. I bet your now curious as to how we do work online when we’re surrounded by nothing but woods  without Internet?

Easy, just find a local café or Starbucks where you know you can get reliable Wi-Fi and bam your set to go. This has so far been our most popular go-to. We were a bit perplexed about how to go about this at the start of our adventure but once we figured it out, it was a fairly easy solution. When it comes down to it, you don’t necessarily need to subscribe to an internet provider to stay connected, if your willing to do the drive, you can get free internet just about anywhere and everywhere in town, even in parking lots.



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  1. Good tip! It must be fun to live as digital nomads…

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    1. Thanks. It definitely has it’s perks but gets tough at times just like an other job. The stress levels are a lot less though.

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  2. For two years whilst we shuttled back and forth from UK to France working on this wreck of a barn, we had no internet. Our mobile dongle failed miserably, so I holed up in McDonalds – every week!! But actually it was ok and I managed to work. Now we have internet, our only issue is cloudy days or storms when the satellite dish gives up. Small price to pay for country living!

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    1. So you know what weir taking about, it’s nice to meet a fellow blogger who has gone through their own version of this🙂 Yeah at first it’s a drag having to drive to get wifi but once it becomes routine, it’s not so bad. That’s one downfall about living in the country.

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  3. flemingeat says:

    Love the image!

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