Rain On Your Parade

Wet streammIt didn’t take long before the clouds covered any last hope of sunlight. There wasn’t but a glimpse of sunshine in the sky for it was out of sight, nowhere to be seen. Rummaging through our tent, gathering any belongings we may need while in town, the clouds broke and it began to downpour; the rain drops pounding over our head against the canopy. Are we ever going to catch a break? I thought to myself. Lucky for me, I had bought a blue long rain jacket just prior to moving back to this location by the stream so I’d be prepared for times like these. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Spiffy, without a coat non-the less a sweater, he made a run for it through the trenches of rain dropping from the trees above him; trying to get to the car as quickly as possible. Good thing the car wasn’t all that far from where we were set up at, no more than half a mile away. Sweets grabbed her purse and threw her backpack over her shoulder, putting her hood over her head with her other hand. Not wanting to take a chance, Sweets sped walked up the trail, and over. Her coat didn’t hold up as intended. The rain went right through, creating a plastic wrap film effect against her body. Rather fixating on the fact that she was getting soaping wet, she concentrated on trying to prevent her phone that was no longer dry from potentially getting water damaged; inside the front right pocket of her jacket. Puzzled, Spiffy turned to sweets as she bolted into the car, slamming the door behind her as though someone were after her. “So much for this rain jacket that took me forever to find.” “Yeah I see that.” Spiffy said while blasting the heat up, trying to get some warm in the car. With that being said, this was the first and last time Sweets relied on this rain jacket in a downpour. Off we went, down the dirt road.Raining vintage


A tree fell blocking the road

We made a detour, picking up a heavy tarp to create more of a barrier between the tent and the rain. You don’t think about it when living in a house with walls and a roof over your head but boy is it loud when rain drops down on the sheath type of material of a tent.

If you’ve ever been one to enjoy sleeping to the sound of rain, well I can guarantee that flies out the window the second you experience it when camping.

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  1. When my son was younger, we went camping a lot. One weekend it rained both days and it was cold. Couldn’t get that chill off. That was the last time I went camping. Ha.

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  2. Ha. Oh no, sorry it was a bad experience for you. A first and a last for I guess, thats all it took. It really is enjoyable though, you just can never truly predict what the weather is going to be like.


  3. ellie894 says:

    😅 I can imagine how different the sound of rain would be under those conditions. Lovely in retrospect. Not so lovely in the moment. Nice post. 😊

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    1. Yeah you can say that again, It’s all fun and games when you simply enjoying the rain it’s another thing when you have no other option than to be stuck in it lol. Thanks for dropping by, We’re glad you liked our post:)

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  4. pommepal says:

    We travelled in a small pop top camper and I must admit I liked the sound of rain on the roof as we were warm and dry inside. Not sure I would like it so much in a tent

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    1. Hmm I wonder how it sounds when in a camper but that’s another thing, some enjoy sleeping to the sound of rain and thunder while others can’t which unfortunately would be myself. I wish I were able to sleep to such loud raindrops but I am such a light sleeper that I simply cannot.

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      1. pommepal says:

        I find the sound of rain quite soothing. Unless it is accompanied by strong wind… 💨🙁


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