When All Is Dark








After our rendezvous; checking out potential new grounds, we arrived back at our base on the dirt road getting ready to park our car for the night. It wasn’t long before they’d be making a change of plans. In front of them was an old green pickup truck parked in their spot but it wasn’t just any pickup truck, it was the same exact one that they had seen prior to tonight, just sitting there with the engine off, in the pitch dark. Still not able to make out who the person in the car was or what they were doing, they hesitated on whether or not to park. Remember now, Spiffy and Sweets have been laying low and have been very strategic about the way they come and go for they did not want anyone to catch on to the fact that Spiffy and Sweets were not just camping but living here this way. Not to mention, they also didn’t want to be scouted out and have their things stolen when they would be away from camp.IMG_8339Instead, they drove right past the truck continuing on trying to figure out new sleeping arrangements. “Maybe we should just sleep in the car in a different part of the woods.” Sweets said with exhaustion. “I kind of want to drive back and see if maybe he left.” I left the choice up to Spiffy. We ended up driving back but decided to do a fast pass-by just in case he was there. “Would you look at that, he’s gone!” Spiffy said to Sweets as they flew by. What luck I thought to myself. “Woo!” “He must of gotten scarred off when we first drove by.”

I wish I could say that was the last of misfortunes but unfortunately the very next night, the same thing happened yet again. This time though, there was a different truck; a white one. It was about 10:30pm when we arrived and saw it in our spot. Doing the same as before, we flew past. Like the speed of lightning they were gone. Talk about nerve-racking. All Spiffy and Sweets want to do is to curl up into bed when tired but it wasn’t that easy for the two. As of recent, most of their days consisted of working later and later, trying to meet their goals; to the point to where they would hit the bed and go straight to sleep. Most of the time, days like these, is when we would go to the grocery store and grab a bite to eat. This brings me to the exciting part, as of recent, Spiffy has found a love for Trader Joe’s. After years and years of endlessly raving about Trader Joes to Spiffy and how he should go being he had never before, I got him to. You got to admit, Trader Joe’s it pretty awesome food wise and price wise. We now pretty much live there. We typically buy prepackaged meals and snacks for in-town such as salads, mixed nuts and fruit, and buy their fresh vegetables and sliced chicken to cook at camp. I can’t tell you how awesome their sushi is.

Cobb Salad from local grocery store

Anyways, if your looking to cut back on food cost, this is a phenomenal grocery store compared to your average. That is, unless you shop at wholesale supermarkets, well there’s just no beating the quantity you get when shopping at those.

We experienced some rainfall, a first in long time. The break in between was great. Then again, what’s not to love about perfectly sunny weather? The humidity on the other hand has been like no other. Sweets found herself out of breath after a short hike while Spiffy on the other hand, would blast the a/c the second he would get into the car to the point of making Sweets freeze like an ice cube. The two took it a bit easy and enjoyed each other’s company the morning of July 24th.

The next few days to come were busy as usual except for one in particular; Friday the 28th. We arrived at camp only to see that same dinky old green truck. Not thinking twice, we got back on the main road and went 20 minutes south; same place we had stumbled upon that massive brick chimney.

Just below our feet when getting out of the car was shattered glass everywhere. Spiffy reversed the car and with his small shovel, picked up as much of it as possible meanwhile, Sweets carefully discarded larger particles of glass she found. Nothing would top the night off as much as getting a flat tire all over again, as to why the two cleared the ground. There was nothing surrounding them except for darkness, trees and the moonlight above them. Little did they know, unexpected company was going to be among them. The car is definitely not our preferred place to sleep; it was hard dozing off without one of your feel falling asleep jolting you up from that tingly sensation. We managed all right though, up until lights flooded our car blinding us just after 1:30am. Spiffy sound asleep, was woken up by Sweets. Several feet away from them, right side of Sweets was a car. “Stay ducked down.” Sweets quickly whispered as he was about to prop himself up. It was too dark to make out who these people were in the car. What if they were psychos or dangerous? They could feel their hearts beating out of their chest; their breath clouding up their lungs. The dark figures slowly opening their doors; stepping out of the car,  “Wait, I don’t think they know we’re in our car.” Sweets whispered to Spiffy. It was just two teenagers “What are they doing here? Ugh!” He replied. It was teen guys perhaps. “ I think that other one is a girl.” Spiffy said, “How can you tell? They’re wearing a hoody over their head.” “It just looks like it.” He responded. Both of them peered their eyes above the door just enough to get a glimpse through the window, watching as the teens grabbed stuff from the car going deep in the woods and back again. Come to realize, the youngsters were just simply camping; nothing to worry about. We were gone at sunrise before the teens could make their way back to the car.

Teens camp sight from afar. Decorated with what appears to be a string of lights.
We woke up to the car still being there next to us.

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