We Got Robbed! Part 2


Sweets turned around and to her surprise it was indeed. Their joking around oddly enough turned out to be true. I didn’t know how to react. We decided to scout out our area; only to realize that wasn’t the only thing missing…Our camo tarp was also gone. What else could they have possibly taken?! Sweets said under her breath as she looked around her bearings. They tried making sense of it all. Strange enough, she began putting the puzzle pieces together, piece-by-piece. “Wait! We had made up our beds earlier this morning.”  She noticed one of the two sleeping bags was bunched up at the foot of the sleeping pads, and my granola mix, it was practically empty; Sweets had recalled having half a bag left a day prior and hadn’t eaten any when she had woken up that same day. Someone had been in our tent! That must have been where our flashlight went, she thought.

Spiffy and Sweets didn’t know what was worse, the fact that some of their belongings had been stolen or that someone, a stranger, had been inside their tent. I felt like crying on the inside. It was funny at first when I jokingly thought someone had stolen our mag light but now… I was just at a loss of words. Since there was nothing we could do about it, I returned to the tent when it dawned on me, “Where’s our Rambo survival knife?” Spiffy quickly scrimmaged through his camp gear “Nope not there.” He then looked all around outside “Nope, not there either.” “It’s not inside where you are?” He asked Sweets. “No.” This had only been as knife Spiffy had had since a child. It was all a bit devastating for these two to think how hard they worked to get our gear, and that EcoZoom of ours; we had been eyeing for so long and finally got. It was a given that someone had obviously been at our camp site, let alone inside our tent, in which was the same as a home for us in a way. No one was in sight.

They sat there together side by side down in the dumps. “I feel so violated.” Sweets said to Spiffy with a look of sadness. “ugh, I am a bit relieved that’s all they took, when there’s so much more that they could have taken, such as our sleeping mats.” Spiffy responded with surprise. “Anyone that knows anything about these mats would know how expensive and how valuable they would be when it came to camping.”

 How would you have felt if you were to experience something of the sorts? 

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  1. That’s terrible you guys! I hate that this has happened to you. Best of luck going forward! xo

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    1. Very much appreciate it:) It was by far the low point in our journey still but am just thankful that we made it through the remainder of the time we stayed there. Not to say we didn’t sleep with one eye open that particular night lol.

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  2. kutukamus says:

    Now this is what I call “grace under pressure” 🙂 🍸


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