I can full heartedly say that there is nothing worse than the feeling you experience after getting robbed or so I thought. A good nights rest was far from what Spiffy and Sweets got in fact it was quite awful. After a very long evening of getting as good of sleep as anyone else would have given what we just went through, morning came. They were unsettled the whole evening with being on alert, making sure the intruder wouldn’t return. What mattered was that it was a new day for far better things to come. Little did they know getting robbed the night prior was just the tipping point.

IMG_8379Sweets stretched her arms out, stretching her body that was stiff as a board out of her sleeping position. Spiffy sat up, putting his white under shirt over his head and throwing his checkered dress shirt over it. He thought it would be a good idea to get a head start on things and clean up. The two began gathering and packing up their belonging for the next destination they were going to embark on. Spiffy loaded his arms with bags full of garbage that someone had littered while we were away from camp; making his way up the trail to the car. He came back and did another load, gathering our duffle bags that carried our pillows and sleeping bags. “I’m starting not to feel well.” Sweets said as she turned to Spiffy. “Okay, I’ll try and wrap things up as quickly as possible and we’ll head out.”Woods

Just then, in that moment, there was ruffling of leaves, and by that I mean not the kind you hear when squirrels or birds are scurrying around. Next, footsteps could be heard. The sound was coming from the trail behind us coming closer and closer. We look over and to our surprise it was a nature patrol. “What’s going on?” The patrol asked while still approaching us; looking around at the grounds we had been living on. We stopped dead in our tracks. “We’re just packing up from camping.” Spiffy replied. “ I felt as though someone had zapped me, that how frozen I was. I just sat there in the tent trying to come up with plausible reason for being there. I have noticed this clothing line here for weeks now.” The patrol lady said, as she stood there in a head to toe brown uniform; further telling us that we were less than 150ft from water, referring to the river that was to the left of us. In other words, we were camping illegally without knowing it. “Really? I really apologize, these camp spots were paved out when we first got here, and therefore we thought they were legit camping areas.” Sweets said looking at her through the mesh barrier of the tent that separated them as she kept herself together. At this point, not feeling well the last thing she worried about.Hiking

Spiffy and Sweets were not sitting well. First off, they had not only been sleeping outside of legal limits of open water but had also been there longer then anyone’s suppose, and it’s apparent that our car had been there for quit sometime; it can’t be missed, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t think having a Thule mounted on the top helps. “How long have you guys been here for?” We didn’t know what the correct answer was. We very well couldn’t tell her the approximate length of time, for we did not know what the max timeframe was for multi-use areas. “We’ve been here for about a week.” The two of them continued to stay calm as they tried figuring out a way to get out of this, avoiding a ticket for that matter. “Well you actually cannot camp more than four days unless you get a permit through one of us.” The patrol replied back sternly. Did you know you needed a permit in multi-use areas? I would have never guessed since it’s known to be used by backpackers and isn’t run by a campground. We continued to stay calm as we tried figuring out a way to get our way out of this with no ticket. After a lot of back and fourth discussion and explaining that we were unfamiliar with the rules and made it known that we were leaving that same day, the nature patrol let go with a clean slate. She waited on us to until every bit of our stuff was packed in the car and took off, giving us a warning.

Sweets could tell Spiffy had hit a low point, one of which was a first for him. First getting robbed, now getting caught really put us down in the dumps. Knowing we could never return to our fall back put us at a loss; the security that they thought they had was instantly shattered within a 12-hour period. This was also only 5 days after $1500 in car repairs. As of recent, it felt as though one thing after another, things were crashing on us. What would you say is worse, getting robbed at camp while away or getting kicked out by nature patrol? When it comes down to it, we were just grateful to have gotten out of there off the hook.

When you work with them, they work with you

“God always shakes things up a bit by challenging us in a way that leads you in a direction that you might in other words not have taken.”Thrifty CAmpers BridgeThrift Campers Road“Just when you think the search is over, it continues.”



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