Fortunate Luck

IMG_9202We headed back to a spot we had camped before however, took a different route. The roads were fairly busy however, it did not make our trip any longer than anticipated. Birds were soaring in the air as I heard Planes flying far above us through the clouds; it was a crystal clear day.

Our drive came to an end and the two were so ready to stretch their legs and get some much needed fresh air. For Spiffy, it was the perfect time to also clean the car out a bit. No more than twenty minutes go by and Sweets finds that Spiffy has created a clothing line going across the back seats. “Uhh what’s going on here?” Sweets hesitates in laughter. “Nothing, perfectly normal nothing wrong with me.” he joking replies back in a semi serious manner. If you thought there were limitations when living this way, you were wrong. Anything and everything goes.

The two where ready to explore the forest. “tent, check. duffle bags, check. book bag, check.” Spiffy raddled off as he took the gear out of the car, one by one. “Awesome, I think weir good to go.” Sweets said out loud. The hiking started off as a two-three mile open trail that overlooked a meadow that the sun beamed upon. As you turned up and over the hill, you then overlooked a peaceful pond. From there, the trail led you straight into the luscious forest where trees surrounded you with their leafy green branches draped over you; carving out the path for Spiffy and Sweets. This was one of the the best places we had explored so far; Mind you this had once been a ground for orchards and was even a dairy farm back in the day, in which was now nothing but 21 miles of trails to backpack and camp along with spectacular views.

The dark brisk evening of July 31st was not a night for Sweets to be on the gravel trail for she had unfortunate luck. Heading back from the car, there was just the moonlight a a flicker of light coming from a pole to make way for her to see. Without notice, a bat flew right passed her! Almost swiping the left side of her face. Sweets jolted back, her heart practically jumped out of her chest. Spiffy on the other hand had been walking two feet ahead of Sweets or else he would have forewarned her.That wasn’t all. Ahead, she had was now given initiative to walk ahead of Spiffy so he can have better watch on their surrounds and to keep an eye on Sweets. Boy was that the wrong move. A huge cobweb caught her face, creating a mask; one she could not get off as she led the way through the woods. Luckily for Spiffy, it cleared the path for him alright from start to finish.


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