Just Another Day

Spiffy and Sweets were just driving along on the narrow highway after getting chased out of camp, making their way to their next destination; wherever that was, when they turned to look at a black f-150 truck that was being driven buy a women, only to see a white and black parrot on her shoulders. Yup that’s right, a parrot! Not a stuffed animal or fake for that matter. We found it to be quite humorous and entertaining. I gotta say, the things we see while exploring never fails to amuse us.Vintage photo sun

One might think some of the things we have gone through would get the best of us or make our outlook less positive but in reality, it made our journey that more interesting. It’s good to be optimistic, when you make the most out of a bad situation and look at the bright side, one is likely to more content and happy with their current circumstances. Sure in the moment it is rather daunting being faced with the unknown but once you realize that it makes for a new adventure to be taken, it is pretty exciting and thrilling.

“You live, you grow, and learn from experiences taken”


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  1. Parrot of the shoulder while driving? Hmmm can’t be many driving companions like that around 🙂

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    1. Haha you can say that again. I was just as shocked as man others on the road I’m sure. If you ever see a sight like this, be sure to catch a photo of it because I wish I did and regret doing so.

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      1. Oh for her it was for sure. For others, it was quite entertaining:)


  2. prior.. says:

    how fun to drive with a pet parrot – not my thing – but very unique – and good point about optimism…

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