Caught In The Middle

It was August 4th and the past two days I have been woken up to what felt like an miniature earthquake beneath my head. It would jolt me out of my deepest of sleep yet I could not pinpoint what it was until this morning when Spiffy got alarmed by the same exact thing. A gofer! The little earthquake scurried from against the outer tent from beneath Sweets and then came up to the surface trying to scurry itself through the bottom surface of the tent. On the third day when it couldn’t find an opening for a way out, it scrambled over to Spiffy’s side starting him out of a dream state. The good news is that it stopped paying us a visit after that.

Spiffy had been expressing interesting in starting to wake up at sunrise, in which Sweets did not argue that point for she was equally on board. “I think that could make for a good healthy routine, going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.” Sweets said while at the same time Spiffy nodding back in agreement. Yeah, getting up at sunrise the following day sure was a good idea alright…nothing like water trickling on your face then tossing and turning trying to avoid the raindrops that your getting hit with at 6:00am.  It had been the biggest rainstorm we had been caught in so far; in a sense is kind of surprising given the fact that we’re going on two months camping. Anyways, The sky was over casted by grey clouds; blocking whatever sunlight the sun was projecting. it was miserable, we were like two wet dogs. Our tent was flooding from beneath; How? I have not a clue being the tiny leakage was coming from above. The morning had not panned out as Spiffy and Sweets had planned and had to wait for the storm to die down before making their way to our car.

We figured it would be best to go in to town for the day and seek shelter at a Starbucks or something of the sorts to stay cool and dry until the weather calmed down a bit and would deal with whatever mess was made by the rain when we returned. If your wondering, that’s exactly what we did.


“There is beauty in even the worst of days.”



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  1. ‘There is beauty even in the worst of days’ – totally agreed 🙂

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    1. Right? I feel thats it’s often overlooked when Having a bad day. Glad you stopped by🙂


  2. Rain and camping are a bad combination – at least from my own personal experience!

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    1. Haha you can say that again but I will say when you have no where to go, you kinda just figure out how to manage and make due

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  3. Liesl Hammer says:

    I’ve had some rainy camping trips, and while they’ve been more stressful than fun, they’re definitely more memorable and beautiful!

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    1. Yeah unfortunately a little stress kind of comes with the territory for many whether it be the weather, getting situated, sleeping, etc. But at the end of the day, you just can’t beat the beauty of nature🙂

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      1. Liesl Hammer says:

        True that! The beauty of nature and the feeling of accomplishment makes all the stress worth it.

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        1. You got that right! This has been one adventure in nature we would have never taken on it it hadn’t been for our situation.


  4. Rainy days and Mondays are not always high on our adventure lists, but there is something memorable about a day in the rain, especially when you find shelter and a good cup of coffee too..
    Wishing you well upon your camping adventures..
    And have a great Christmas.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much Sue for your encouraging words. Your absolutely right, shelter and coffee makes everything better when you have little to nothing and nowhere to go really. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones. We made our way to GA o be with family which was a wonderful time just being with one another and catching up on life and laughter.

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      1. That is wonderful, and yes we had a lovely quiet Christmas, but enjoyed the Peace of it and just had close family. It is always so good to catch up with family and share happy memories 😀 xxx


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