Shadow in The Night – Part 1


Moon bright_Snapseed
The sun had set and was now dark as the full moon of August 14th shined bright in the sky from above, so bright you could see every detail within it. The grass was mucky and damp from the downpour us two had experienced as we walked through the tall untouched green bristles, leaving foot trails behind us. Spiffy and Sweets were making their way towards the lake when out of the darkness a lough raspy cough echoed into the thin air. Sweets got so startled that she jumped with a shrill; forgetting to be stealth as she trailed back to camp. “Shhh, it’s just people sitting over there on that bench.” Spiffy whispered with a look on his face of annoyance. Sweets squinted her eye’s barely piecing together the outlined figure; it was so black out.Light post

We were getting all snuggled in our sleeping bags ready to call it a night but the train from the distance seemed like it had other plans. If you know anything about trains, your more than likely fairly familiar with the noise it makes. That being said, the locomotive horn would not stop going off. it must of done this every 15 seconds or so. It was the equivalent of this old school alarm clocks that just would stop ringing.
I don’t know if it was the full moon or not but the following night, we had parked our car up the hill across the street from the trail enterance so that nobody would catch on to us being there day in and day out. Anyway, by doing so, we had a little further of walk than the norm. Not to mention, we had no choice but to walk through the yard of the one and only house that sat at the bottom of the trails because it was the only other way to get into the trails from the direction of which we had parked in.


Quickly, trying to walk as quickly as possible without a peep, we crossed the silent street and made it through the the yard onto the gravel road. Our shadows still reflecting off of us onto the ground, we kept up the pace to get out of any light posts around us. As we went through the gate, headlights drove up, shining their bright headlights right on us. Not knowing who it could be, we moved quickly, moving faster than before; losing sight of the car, in hopes that they’d forget about coming after us. “Hurry” Spiffy said under his breath. “I think we lost them,” Sweets panting, looking over at Spiffy.


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