Shadow in The Night – Part 2

Spiffy and Sweets scurried pass the old dairy mill to their left when they heard a holler. Oh no! Thinking they were busted, the two turned around, only for there to be no one in sight. Both of them turned back around, another holler. This time, we saw an outline of what looked like a figure standing under the dim light post; barely making out who it was. It was so dark you couldn’t even tell the clothes on their back and if it were authority or a run of the mill kind of guy or worse off, a psycho. Sweets squinted, trying to get a better look but the only thing she could tell was a person peeping out of from the barn that sat on the grounds.  “Don’t go over there, you have no idea who it is.” Spiffy said concerned. Whoever it was, yelled out again but still, we couldn’t make out what he was saying. Shining moon_Snapseed

Puzzled on what to do, a few moments later standing there in our tracks, we trotted back down the hill. Obviously someone was trying really hard to get our attention for some odd reason, so we figured what harm could come of this. Stupidity may be what’s going through your mind right now and I don’t blame you. It was risky and pretty bold of us; we decided to knock on the door to the workers barn door that of which the guy had gone inside of. The door flew open; scaring himself as well as Spiffy and I. The guy was of  african american descent, young 20’s, slender.  “I just wanted to alert you of the trails ahead.” the guy said to us. Turns out, it was a worker of the property forewarning us of how you can easily get off track and get lost in woods as these as one hiker did earlier this very same day. What did we do? We kindly thanked the worker and continued en route.


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