Carry On

It’s been sixteen days. Sixteen days of sneaking around at this old dairy mill thats now nothing but open land and forests filled with hiking trails; the same exact place where we had the scare of a lifetime (covered in our last few blog posts) and boy were we ready to get the heck out of here. Last night was notion enough that if we were to run our luck any longer, things were going to end badly; I’m almost sure of it. I can’t express enough just how grateful we were that nothing bad ended up happening and thrilled we were to see a new day as the sun rose in front of our very eye’s.Lush trees

The sun beamed right on Sweets and Spiffy, blinding them of sheer brightness from the sunlight. It felt so nice and warm as the two took in the rays that soaked into their skin through the mesh covering of the blue tent. As nice as it was, they wasted no time and quickly got to packing. Both of them at this point, had a system down where they’d bring only the things that were needed; being sure not to leave much trash around in order to further prevent time cleanup that wasn’t necessarily that equaled in time loss. Twenty minutes or so, and the tent was broken down. Two book bags, two duffel bags and a homer bucket later, they set off down the trails.

I was dragging a bit, having a hard time keeping up with Spiffy from the humidity that set forth. we passed the lake to our right, watching the water glisten like glitter, admiring it one last time for I wasn’t sure if we’d come back again. Spiffy slowed down his pace, waiting up for me. hand in hand, Spiffy and I hiked up the hill passing a person or two and took in all of it’s beauty, spotting some dandelions along the way. I plucked one out of the ground and blew the dandelion as I made a wish. Don’t you love doing that? I can’t help but make wishes with dandelions whenever I pass one. I always think of them the same way we do with four leaf clovers, good fortune and let’s face it, it was much so needed at this point.

Both of us not so much plopped our things as much as we threw our things down on the ground from such exhaustion. Pilled high, I chose to sit on our stuff being the only other seat would have been the gravel parking lot. Meanwhile, Spiffy got the car and pulled it up. It can go without saying that the air conditioner was cranked full blast the second Spiffy started up the vehicle. And together, they drove off.

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